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old man in a wheelchair with caregiver
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What are Home Healthcare Services?

Home Healthcare Services available through Briva Home Healthcare are designed to provide long or short-term assistance for individuals who need help performing one or more daily living activities

What are daily living tasks?

Daily living tasks are tasks that an individual does as a part of their daily life, tasks such as dressing, cooking, bathing, or cleaning. These tasks can sometimes be something that is not done each and every day, like grocery shopping, and doctor appointments.

These tasks can be more difficult due to aging and disabilities and when assistance is needed to maintain independence and remain in your home

Our services can provide you with the help you need.

How much do these services cost me?

The services cost depends on multiple factors, including insurance coverage, the amount, and the type of service assistance needed.

Some of Briva Home Healthcare’s services are at no cost, and free for individuals on Medicaid. For example, the Consumer Directed Services

While others are provided at affordable private pay rates

Please contact us to learn more about the options available for your loved ones

Why choose Briva Home Healthcare?

We are different. Our primary interest is in getting you the help you need. With Briva, you are the one in charge of your care. We will listen to you, our customers, and provide you with the best quality home healthcare services available.

How do I learn more about caring for loved ones at home through Briva Services?

Simply call our office at 816-673-3368 and our friendly staff will follow up with you!